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10-27-2005, 06:25 PM
Its a interview but not with Lil E but i just got the lil E part if you want the whole thing here it is www.thuglifearmy.com/news/?id=2043

Johnny ?J? ? Currently right now, just finished Lil Eazy E. The song is titled ?Letter to My Homeboys?, which is a really beautiful record. Which is so crazy to me to think about it, that it?s so spiritual it just gives me the reminiscent vibe of ?Pour Out a Little Liquor?. Same kind of twist, he just broke it down to where ?Man we got to give a shout out to the homies that are locked up, got put away, ya know we got to give them love and let them know that we think of them man and let them know that they are safe and it?s going to be ok. And that really felt good to do that. And that?s the one song I got on the Lil Eazy E album. Lil E is a beautiful guy man, love him to death.

ThugLifeArmy ? Yeah I spoke to him and he gained my respect.

Johnny ?J? ? That?s my boi man. So what was he talking about? Did he break it down on ya?

ThugLifeArmy ? Man he was a real guy I tell ya. He?s got real people behind him, and he has charisma like his father did.

Johnny ?J? ? Ya know what?s scary? Man when me and him met it was like an unbelievable experience. I mean we just hit it off right away. It wasn?t like the Hollywood set like yeah what?s up man ? yeah alright I know who you are. Ya know it wasn?t the arrogance. It wasn?t like yeah I?m Lil E, I?m Eazy E?s son, and Johnny ?J? I know your Tupac?s boi and all that; it wasn?t all that. It just felt so natural, so cool. Soon as I bumped tracks on his ass he was like ?Hell yeah?, him my boi DL all of them.

ThugLifeArmy ? See that?s what surprised me. He didn?t come with an attitude.

Johnny ?J? ? He came with some real cool vibes uh?

ThugLifeArmy ? Yeah he came on a real cool level and you could just feel comfortable talking to him. We talked almost an hour, it was just mellow. It was just the coolest thing, for real he is going to make it.

Johnny ?J? ? That is the way it?s suppose to be man. We had those conversations with each other where he knows how to stay grounded. I told him you got to stay grounded. You have to understand this game is a roller coaster ride, people come ? people go. Don?t try to take an entourage with you, don?t try to save the world just take care of what you have to take care of.

ThugLifeArmy ? Had you ever met his father?

Johnny ?J? ? Man of course. You know I produced the first song with Candyman called ?Knocking Boots?. Candyman is on the cover with Eazy E, which is the NWA cover. Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, everybody on the cover. I produced and Candyman is right there on the cover. So me Dre, Ice Cube all of us know each other; Sir Jinx everybody we all go back to the same family. We?re all doing music man like in ?85 ? ?86 ? ?88. I graduated in 1987 from Washington High School so came straight out of high school to a platinum record, which was ?Knocking Boots?. And that took me on a hell of a fucking whirl wind man. It was an experience I will never forget. Even Tupac knew about that. Pac even brought it up when we where working on ?All Eyez On Me?. He?s like ?Johnny ?J? I saw you on the cover of a Candyman record. I couldn?t believe it man it was you?. I was like yeah man I did all that.

ThugLifeArmy ? Is there anyone featured on that Lil Eazy E song?

Johnny ?J? ? No it?s straight up Lil E man. Lil E and DL, you already know DL man he?s a beautiful guy, which is his side kick, producer everything. And we all got a really cool relationship, a beautiful bond. Nobody?s tripping on who does this or who does that and ya know nobody?s on that flip mode. There is no fucking hater?ism what so ever in the atmosphere.

ThugLifeArmy ? You have future work with him coming up?

Johnny ?J? ? Oh definite man. Working with his group and everything. Kings of LA, all of that ? it?s going down, already started the process. So him, DL and MAV are putting it down. I mean it?s a lot of beautiful things and honestly it was so cool to work with that kind of crew because they gave me that vibe like how Pac was trying to do it with the Outlawz. How he was trying to make it a whole big squad and say come on man let?s make these records. Let?s make this money, let?s do this. So everybody can have a nice life style, everybody can enjoy each others life, and go to each others homes and have bar b q?s and ya know have good times.

ThugLifeArmy ? So from your professional background, do you think Lil Eazy E is going to make it?

Johnny ?J? ? I know he is, with out a doubt. And it has nothing to do with me being on the record man. You can just honestly listen to it and understand the fact that it is the bomb mixture; it is the way it is suppose to be. Now it?s going in the right direction. You don?t hear three and four of the same records. You don?t hear, like my record; you don?t hear four of those, you don?t hear three of those. You just hear everything in the right order. Ya got your club bob. You got your reminiscing song. You got this and you got that. And when I heard Lil E?s album I told him straight up right up in his face ?Like if your shit was garbage, I?d be like your shit is garbage.? And he was just like Johnny ?J? man, he just had that look like you gave it the blessing man. I love it. And it ain?t got nothing with me doing a record on your album. I?m just loving the fact that it is a good mixture, good combination.

ThugLifeArmy ? Yeah hopefully me and him are going to get back together after I hear the whole album, I can?t wait.

Props to the homey from Kingsoflaforum.com for hookin it up.

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Cool interview

can't wait for the Lil eazy album

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thats tight :lol: