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06-20-2007, 02:35 PM

Born Erin Bria Wright a.k.a "E.B." (daughter of the late Eric "Eazy-E" Wright) E.B is definitely the next generation of Hip-Hop. Her debut single "Candy Girl" featuring Farrah Franklin ( formely of Destiny's Child, produced by multi-platinum producer Seven Aurelius (formely of Murder Inc.) will prove E.B. to be a natural!

E.B. has been in developement since age twelve at which time she made her first recording, a tribute to her father called "Dear Daddy" a remake of Tupac's "Dear Mama". Without any prior practice of rapping at all, E.B. impressed her producer by delivering her vocals as if she had been rapping all her life! This song will bring tears to your eyes as you listen to a sad young E.B. tell her dad how much he is missed! Some say, "Hip-Hop is in her blood". She sgreees though she adds, "It's pure love in her heart for her father that brings her gift out".

Now at age 15 E.B. clearly understands the major role her daddy played in the history of Hip-Hop culture, as well as his greatest challenge and acomplishment of Pioneering Gangsta Rap. Following in her father's footsteps E.B. has plans to make just as big of an impact on Hip-Hop culture in the years to come as her father did in his time! E.B.'s album will have you holding on to your seat as she takes you throught he eyes of a young girl struggling after the loss of her dad on songs like "Dear Daddy" to a matured young teen on club bangers such as "Fallback" and "Have You Ever Seen A Million Dollaz".

E.B. is much like her dad in the sense that she is not moved at all by the "Fame" that comes along with being successful in the business. E.B. just feels she has a lot to say to the world about her own Trials and Tribulations as well as for the younger generation in general! Music is E.B's passion and the vehicle she will use to express her positive voice in Hip-Hop. E. B. is very bright and way beyond her years and will have you amazed at some of the issues she will touch on! She is not only an Artist but she is a young business woman as well. E.B. is a young teenager, yet she takes on the responsibilities and business decisions like an Adult when it comes to her career. She understands all the hard work, dedication, and focus it takes to get somewhere in the business and she is determined to arrive! E.B. loves Writing, Singing, Dancing, Skateing, Bowling, Gymnastics, Jet Skiing, and hanging out with her friends as all teens in America do, yet she has made the sacrifice to give that up on many occasions in order to pursue her "Dream" of being an Entertainer!

Currently "E.B"'s Company Eazystreet Ent. is Producing her own REALITY SHOW (not yet titled) about her Lifestyle and Career in the Music Industry and a DOCUMENTARY DVD (not yet titled) about Ruthless Records along with ALL the "UNTOLD TRUTHS" about her Father's DEATH and the Aftermath of the whole Scandal of "Tomica Woods" (narrated from her Mother's Memoirs!) She is the VP of her own Independant Label Eazystreet Entertainment and is also the Co-Founder of the Eazystreet Kidz Foundation, a Charity Organization founded by her mother (Tracy Jernagin) in 1996 to help under priveleged children in urban communities. (www.eazystreetkidz.org) E.B. is also as a young entrepenuer who plans to take on the fashion industry by storm an create everything from her own Clothing Line to Eyewear for Chlidrens and Adults!

As you can see E.B. is the FUTURE and attributes it all to the most importnat part of her PAST, being born to a legend, THE ONE AND ONLY.

~Eric "Eazy-e" Wright~

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