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  1. Info about Unreleased Tracks featuring Eazy-E

    I was wondering if any of you guys knew info about songs like Mr. Bill Collector, Sleepwalkers, BNK, Down 4 Compton, DPGK, the AZ1 Remix song that came outta nowhere.
    Whats the stories behind those...
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    Lyrics Eazy-E wrote?

    I heard he wrote The Muthaphikkin’ Real, but idk if anybody can comfirmed that?
    Anybody knows if he wrote any other songs
  3. Eazy-E deal with Interscope about Dre

    Ok, my question is remember Eazy got included in the Interscope deal cuz Dre was still a Ruthless artist?
    Everytime he produced, released something Eric was gonna get money for it.
    Well what...
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