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Thread: cypress hill question

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    Default cypress hill question

    it might be damb question but why did cypress hill have beef
    with ice cube :?: i thought they were friendz coz i saw em in the how
    i could just kill a man video and in the new video with warren g and snoop dogg ''get you down pt 2''
    could someone tell wassup wit that
    i would really appreciate it, thankz.
    amn! And when it's black on black

    That makes it shitty

    Can't survive in the Compton city,

    And foo that's bet

    Cause when you grow up in the hood

    You gots to claim a set

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    Default cypress hill question


    Good war between those 2

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    Default cypress hill question

    Because Ice cube stole 1 of their hooks for a track on one of cypress new cds that was about to come out

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