The Latino population has grew 10-fold in California and all over the world. With the rise in the latin population, it was only a matter of time that they swith from "Mariachi" music to "Straight Gangsta" rap music to emulate their culture. Hit the music spots in swap meets across Southern Cali and your gonna find sections specifically for Latino Gangsta Rap...

Artist like Mr. Capone -E, Sick Symphonies, Joker, Silent,Mr. Criminal & DOWN have been doing their thing for a minute, but there are even more up & coming latin rappers that dont seem to be worried about the mainstream audience, but catering to "La Raza" (word to Kid Frost). I aint mad at ya... like EPMD once said "Gotta Give The People..."

Check out Mr.Crinimal's new video below - (whew! they bangin like it's '88 out this mu'phuckka)


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