Usually behind the camera, Michael Scherotter sat down with Hip Hop icon Ice Cube at South by Southwest before he was scheduled to perform at a free live concert streamed to his new site using Silverlight for high-quality video. Michael asked Cube questions about the intersection of technology with music, hip-hop and celebrity.
Here are some highlights:
1:00 Starting out in rap
2:30 What tech Ice Cube uses
3:12 How technology impacts music and film
5:23 Maintaining a 20-year career in hip-hop
6:53 Technology and being a celebrity
9:05 Possibilities of direct-to-web contect on
10:10 How hip-hop will change the web?
12:14 Cube's Vison for
13:09 Hip-hop's global reach
14:14 Gangsta Rap Made Me Do it Video and a surprise for Cube
16:40 Video and music quality on the web and Silverlight
17:50 Why artists should be on in addition to MySpace
19:50 What Cube's listening to now