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    I cant add music to my windows media player, i click add, and nuthin goez to tha library.. its hella gay, anyone know whatz wrong?

    " Real Muthaphukkin Chronic Killa!! "

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    This is pretty simple to do. You're going to have to rebuild your library though. It's a corruption of some sort in your media files folder.

    Follow this path:

    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\ "

    Copy and paste into the address bar if you like, you'll be inside the folder you need to find. 'Media Player' Delete it, and replace it with the another folder with the same name.

    This should fix the problem.

    For those of you out there using media sharing, you may need to follow another step here, as there's a file you can't delete while media sharing is running.

    Goto Start menu -> Run: Type in "services.msc" without quotes.

    Find the service called "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Serivce", Right-Click on it so it says 'Stopped'. Now go back to the Media Player folder and delete it.

    Now go back to WMP, and you should be able to put your music and video files back in. Unless you've got playlist files elsewhere, you'll probably have to remake them from scratch, but at least WMP will work again.

    If that doesn't work, contact me.

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    thanx for the help homie!! itz workin again

    " Real Muthaphukkin Chronic Killa!! "

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