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Wednesday - July 12, 2000

As exclusively reported last week here on SOHH.com, Johnny Burns aka Mausberg, was killed during the Fourth of July weekend in Compton in what appears to be an incident of gang violence.

Mausberg was riding along with a friend a few hours after midnight on the 4th of July when they stopped over a friend's house. The driver stepped out the car and made his way to the doorstep. While Mausberg was in the sitting in the car, two unidentified individuals drove up, got out of the car and began shooting at the passenger side of the vehicle where Mausberg was sitting. He was killed after receiving several shots to the body. No suspects have been identified, as the investigation is still ongoing. At press time, no additional information was available regarding the fatal shooting of Mausberg.

Upon SOHH.com speaking to Stan Sheppard, co-owner of Sheppard Lane recording studios and studio home of DJ Quik and Suga Free, Mausberg had just completed his debut solo album one week ago prior to the shooting.

Most recently, Mausberg was part of an underground album entitled The Konnected Project, which was a collaboration effort between Mausberg, Quik and Suga Free. The album sold 25,000 copies and was only available in Compton and it's surrounding L.A. areas, but since his passing, the album has been picked up by Ark 21 and Universal for national distribution.

Mausberg was recently featured on the Life Soundtrack with R. Kelly on a song called "Everyday", and was also featured on Snoop Dogg's Topp Dogg album along with his current contributions on DJ Quik's newly released album entitled Balance & Options.

You can hear Stan Sheppard live along with morning show hosts Ed Lover and Docter Dre at 7:30 AM P.S.T over the internet at TheBeatLA.Com discussing the Mausberg incident and the string of violence that has hit L.A. over the last few months.