Over 100 E-Books on music production (pdf, text, htm)

15 Reverb Tips From Intermusic.com PDF
20 Tips On Audio Recording With Computer Sequencers TXT
20 Tips On Creating Realistic Sequenced Drum Parts TXT
20 Tips On Mastering By Paul White HTM
23 Compression Tips From Intermusic.com PDF
A List Of FX And Filters And What They Do From Namn PDF
Advanced Compression Techniques By Paul White HTM
Advanced Reverb By Paul White HTM
An Introduction to Mastering By Stephen J. Baldassarre HTM
CD Mastering On Your PC Tools & Techniques By Martin Walker
Complete Guide to Drum Programming By Ray F Badness PDF
Compression & Dynamics Processing Notes From Multimedian.com
Compression In Audio Recordings from The Audio Pages HTM
Compression Tips & Tricks From Hutch's Hints at Waves.com HT
Compressor Secrets By David Mellor TXT
Craig Anderton`s 10 Tips For Guitar MultiEffects HTM
Craig Anderton`s Putting Your Effects In Order HTM
Cubase Group Channels By Star HTM
Cubase Tips - Arrange To Perfection From Intermusic.com PDF
Cubase Tips - Tooled Up From Intermusic.com PDF
Effective Drum Programming By Nicholas Rowland HTM
EQ By The Octave By Robert Dennis HTM
EQ Explained By David Mellor HTM
EQ Masterclass From Intermusic.com PDF
EQ Tips from The Recording Website HTM
Equalisation Tips By Paul White HTM
Gating Drums By Stacey T. Heydon TXT
Getting More Bass In Your Mix By Paul White HTM
Giving Your Recordings A Produced Sound By Paul White TXT
Guide To Gating From Intermusic.com PDF
Guitar Miking - Musician's Friend Article HTM
Rane Professional Audio Reference PDF
Reccomended Equalisation Frequencies By Robert Dennis HTM
Recording In One Room By Hugh Robjohns HTM
Recording Techniques By Robert Dennis HTM
Recording Vocals From Intermusic.com PDF
Reverb Basics By Hugh Robjohns HTM
Reverb For Beginners - No Author DOC
Roland - Beginners Guide To Mixing PDF
Roland Drum Machine Rhythm Dictionary PDF
Run Your Own Record Label From Intermusic.com PDF
Sample CD Copyrights From Intermusic.com PDF
Soundcard Recording FAQ's Answered By Martin Walker TXT
Studio Miking By Lyle Caldwell HTM
Studio Sessions Part 1 - Delays From Intermusic.com PDF
Studio Sessions Part 2 - Reverb From Intermusic.com PDF
Synth Programming Guide By Intermusic.com PDF
Tascam - Optimizing W2k + XP For Audio PDF
The Art Of EQ By Aaron Trumm PDF
The Art Of Equalisation By Ethan Winer HTM
The Basics Of Quantising By Martin Walker TXT
The Big Squeeze - Compressors And How To Use Them By Paul Wh
The Complete Idiots Guide To Songwriting - Joel Hirschhorn P
The Design of an Audio Frequency Vacuum Tube Amplifier - The
The In's & Out's Of Gain Structure By Martin Walker HTM
The Mysteries Of Metering By Paul White HTM
The Perfect Mix By Rich TXT
The Real Vocal Book PDF
The Shure Microphone Techniques For Music Sound Reinforcemen
The World Of PC Recording By Dave Casey Of TASCAM PDF
TSC Tech Talk - EQ Tips By Devin DeVore HTM
Ultimate Midi Guide From Intermusic.com PDF
Using Compression In Audio Recordings From The Audio Pages H
Using EQ - More EQ Tips By Paul White & Mike Senior HTM
Various Sampling Theory PDF's
What The Hell Is Mixing By Nigel Lord TXT
Wizoo Cubase Sx Mixing And Mastering Sample Chapter PDF
XP Audio PC Tweaks By PC Audiolabs HTM
Audio CD Mastering by Audiographics Unlimited & John Scrip H
Berklee College - Course On Arranging PDF
Berklee College - Music Production & Engineering - PDF
Cubase SX 2 Project E-Book + Tutorial Files & SX2 Tips & Tri
Cubase SX PDF's
How to Achieve Depth & Dimension in Recording, Mixing and Ma
How To Get Great Bottom End In Your Mix By Michael Cooper HT
How To Improve Your Stereo Mixing By Paul White HTM
How To Mix A Pop Song From Scratch By Jezar - Ver 2.0 PDF
How To Set Up A Good Mix By Duke Ashton HTM
Increasing Loudness In Dance Music Production By Paul White
Integrating Mixing & Signal Processing By Craig Anderton HTM
Killer Drums By Michael Laskow TXT
KLF - The Manual - How To Have A Number 1 The Easy Way PDF
Make The Most Of Microphones From Intermusic.com PDF
Mic Placement on Drums From The SAE College Germany PDF
Microphones - Methods Of Operation & Type Examples By Gerhar
Miking Drums By Staff Members of Midi Warehouse HTM
Miking Jazz Drums By Gary Baldassari PDF
Miking Live Drums By Gordy Gale HTM
Miking Techniques By Barry Rudolph PDF
Mixing Programmed & Real Instruments Successfully By Sam Ing
More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Phasers by Fred Ridd
Native Instruments Sampling & Re-Synthesis PDF
Paul White Recording Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar
Phase Relationships By Ken Lanyon HTM
Practical Studio Soundproofing By Paul White HTM
Programming Analogue Synths An Access Virus Tutorial By Howa
Pros Guide To Compression From Intermusic.com PDF
Cubase SX Power! By Robert Guerin PDF
Home Recording Made Easy By Paul White PDF
Introduction to Digital Audio Signal Processing By Davide Ro
Pro Enginner School Vol. 1 + 2 By Record-Producer.com PDF
Quick Guide To Dance Music By Ian Waugh PDF