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Thread: BRAND NEW!!! 2009 - DJ QUIK & KURUPT - HEY PLAYA (FIRE!!!!!!!!!) - 2009!!!!!!

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    Default BRAND NEW!!! 2009 - DJ QUIK & KURUPT - HEY PLAYA (FIRE!!!!!!!!!) - 2009!!!!!!

    New Music From DJ Quik and Kurupt's "The Blaqkout" LP

    Ever since DJ Quik and Kurupt teamed up for the classic "Can't Go Wrong" from Kurupt's "Space Boogie" album, fans have been requesting a full-length project from the two legends. With the upcoming release of "Blaqkout", it's safe to say that this collabo project is not only one of this summer's most anticipated new albums, but of all of 2009.

    Naturally, snippets and radio rips of different songs have been leaking the past few weeks, allowing fans to get their first taste of music from the album. "Whatcha Wanna Do" and "Hey Playa!" are two songs that made their rounds online and they received mixed reviews, part of the reason being the poor sound quality. And since you shouldn't really base your opinion on a low quality rip, it's time for Dubcnn to let these two exclusives off so everyone can get the crystal clear experience.

    Check out both records by clicking on the links below:



    Don't forget, "Blaqkout" drops June 9th. Check back with Dubcnn for much more news and audio from the project.

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    Default Re: BRAND NEW!!! 2009 - DJ QUIK & KURUPT - HEY PLAYA (FIRE!!!!!!!!!) - 2009!!!!!!

    Hey Playa was DOPE! Modern, but still different sounding. Made me wanna get this album.

    But the second one's beat scared me away :'(

    Much thanks Dopeman!

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    Default Re: BRAND NEW!!! 2009 - DJ QUIK & KURUPT - HEY PLAYA (FIRE!!!!!!!!!) - 2009!!!!!!

    tha 2nd one iz hella funny
    "me && ur puzzy were made foe each other"

    [quote author=Mighty D.R. link=topic=19797.msg253356#msg253356 date=1278934811]
    I had a weasel noodles idea one time when I had an Ajaxution and was DOPEMAN'd, in which I'd TrippleOG this chick that was being a real JusBCunt, FROST her up, and then not call the bitch! So I got her alone, took my brick out, was about to EH!!!!!, pulled her panties down and found out that the bitch was a well disguised fruit snack! :-X[/quote]

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