Earlier this week we dropped an update on legendary gangsta soul singer Butch Cassidy. In that update we not only recapped some recent music but also told you how, at long last, he is finally free of restrictions that, until now, have prevented him from releasing his debut solo album.

The new album title is the aptly named "First & Last" and today we have been presented with the first single from the new album, we are also expecting an announcment that Butch described as an about "everything that’s been going on and the legal troubles that have barred me from releasing an album until now."

The single has arrived before the announcement and to avoid delay we have it here now for stream and download. "Fast Car" is, as promised, a remake - of the classic track by Tracy Chapman of the same name. The new version is produced by Qura who has worked alongside Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce fame.