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Thread: 5/6_RAEKWON_-_BLOOD_ON_CHEF'S_APRON_[DEDICATED TO R@lph-E5150][2009]

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    Default 5/6_RAEKWON_-_BLOOD_ON_CHEF'S_APRON_[DEDICATED TO R@lph-E5150][2009]

    01. Intro
    02. Blood on Chef’s Apron Freestyle
    03. Cake Baking
    04. Interlude Part One
    05. Dedication Freestyle (Prod. by B.T.)
    06. Beauty (Feat. Noreaga & Joell Ortiz)
    07. The General
    08. Interlude Part Two
    09. Cocaine Blunts (Prod. By B.T.)
    10. Whips & Kicks (Feat. AZ)(Prod. By B.T.)
    11. Stick Up Music (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Uncle Murda)
    12. Interlude Part Three
    13. Fortune and Fame
    14. A Bigger Gun (Feat. Twista)
    15. Bird Chirp
    16. Gutterman Music (Feat. Jadakiss)
    17. Interlude Part Four
    18. What Do I Do? (Prod. By B.T.)
    19. Letter to BIG
    20. Trenchmen (Prod. By B.T.)
    21. Interlude Part Five
    22. On The Fly Note
    23. Interlude Part Six
    24. Flashback Memories (Feat. The Game) (Prod. By B.T.)
    25. R.I.P. (Feat. B-Real) (Prod. By B.T.)(Bonus Track)




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    Default Re: 5/6_RAEKWON_-_BLOOD_ON_CHEF'S_APRON_[DEDICATED TO R@lph-E5150][2009]

    yy did u dedicate thiz to me?

    [quote author=Mighty D.R. link=topic=19797.msg253356#msg253356 date=1278934811]
    I had a weasel noodles idea one time when I had an Ajaxution and was DOPEMAN'd, in which I'd TrippleOG this chick that was being a real JusBCunt, FROST her up, and then not call the bitch! So I got her alone, took my brick out, was about to EH!!!!!, pulled her panties down and found out that the bitch was a well disguised fruit snack! :-X[/quote]

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    Default Re: 5/6_RAEKWON_-_BLOOD_ON_CHEF'S_APRON_[DEDICATED TO R@lph-E5150][2009]

    shit good as fuck

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