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Thread: Eazy-E - Resurrection (Mixtape) (DJ'S UNITE!!!)

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    DJ Jus-B-Gun

    Default Eazy-E - Resurrection (Mixtape) (DJ'S UNITE!!!)

    Ok what the fuck happened to this? i know people been busy n shit cuz i havent been on in like 2 months so i have no excuse but shit we should make this
    this year. And sense we do this almost every year let's make this our last remix mixtape and use EVERY acapella that is mixable so there is no excuse to
    make future remix mixtapes.


    Straight Outta Compton
    Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn
    Ole Skool Shit
    Just Tah Let Cha Know
    Luv 4 Dem Gangstas
    Gangsta Beat 4 The Street (ft. Erick Sermon)
    Gangsta Beat 4 The Street (ft. BGKO, Dresta)
    No More Tears
    Boyz N Da Hood
    It's On
    Any Last Werdz
    Gimme Dat Nutt
    Niggas & Jews
    East Side Drama (Verse)
    Black Nigga Killa
    Neighborhood Sniper
    24 Hours To Live
    Foe The Love Of money
    The Mothafuckin Real
    What Would You Do
    Sorry Louie
    Hit The Hooker
    Only If You Want It
    Cock The Nine
    Still A Nigga
    Real Mothafuckin G's
    Creep N Crawl
    Sippin On A 40

    it's maybe more than that but thats enough to stop making remix mixtapes.
    So if we do this we have to put our best into this to make that happen.

    So Who Is Gonna Help Out And If You Do "NO GAMES, BE SERIOUS AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING!!!!!!"

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    Default Re: Eazy-E - Resurrection (Mixtape) (DJ'S UNITE!!!)

    i got my nwa straight outta compton blend prolly one of the sickest mixe iever did ill submit that one

    and im down to make more

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    Default Re: Eazy-E - Resurrection (Mixtape) (DJ'S UNITE!!!)

    can't wait for the final product

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