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Thread: Police Officer: Expect More BLACK And Latino RACIAL KILLINGS In The Near Future!!

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    Default Police Officer: Expect More BLACK And Latino RACIAL KILLINGS In The Near Future!!

    Officer: Black, Latino gang violence to grow
    The Herald Sun
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    By John McCann; 419-6601

    DURHAM -- Last year's murder of Bernardo Medina Ponce, an Hispanic man, was a racially motivated attack, according to Durham County Assistant District Attorney Theresa K. Pressley.

    The five young men charged with killing him are black.

    Expect more of that sort of thing around here, Durham County Sheriff's Office Maj. Paul Martin said in a report.

    "The immediate future holds the potential for an ethnic war to break out between black and Latino gangs," said Martin, expressing his personal beliefs, not those of the sheriff's office. "Since at least 1997, some black criminals have continually robbed, assaulted and murdered Latinos. The targeting of innocent Latinos will soon manifest itself in violent ethnic conflict between blacks and Latinos."

    Martin said ignoring the problem won't make it go away, and he added talking about it won't aggravate the situation.

    "The seeds were sown a decade ago," Martin said.

    The trade of illegal drugs has a lot to do with the strife, because both black and Hispanic gang members battle for turf with respect to where dope gets sold, said Martin, who offered something of a silver lining -- if there is one -- to the grim scenario.

    "The conflict will most likely occur between gang members and not law-abiding citizens," Martin said.

    Talk of Ponce's murder being linked to rival gangs has not been the the focus of court hearings related to the case. Pressley has said the suspects planned on robbing a drug dealer before deciding to jump on Ponce and another Hispanic man, Antoney Garcia Dominguez.

    Pressley said Ponce couldn't understand English and didn't realize what the robbers were ordering him to do that Sept. 4 night, so he was gunned down. He died at the scene, in the 2900 block of Chapel Hill Road.

    Ponce was 33.

    Dominguez survived after being shot in the back and, along with Ponce's twin brother, has been present at court hearings for suspects Steven Mack, Demetrius Yarborough, Deandre Roosevelt Rucker, Sherwin Bilal Archie and Darrius Lavale Tyson. Deals are on the table that would allow the suspects to plead guilty to lesser charges.

    Except for Mack, all of the suspects were 18 when they were arrested. Mack was 15.

    Last year in Durham County Superior Court, Stephen La'Vance Oates and William Dozia Smith pleaded guilty to a spree of robberies in 2008 that appeared to target people of Hispanic or Asian descent.

    Oates, by the way, is also charged with the Jan. 18, 2008 murder of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato, which police believe occurred during the course of a robbery.

    Smith also pleaded guilty to possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a Schedule IV controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    If what Martin describes as the illegal, drugs-based economy is allowed to keep growing, then all of the energy that's been invested developing downtown Durham will be for naught, he said. And "the middle- and upper-class will flee, first to gated communities and then to other counties. Educational achievement will continue to suffer. Denying that this problem exists and claiming that Durham is making great strides in reducing violence and crime only sinks our community into a deeper and more threatening malaise.

    "I have watched since the 1970s as about 70 percent of the black community has retrogressed in Durham. A large percentage of young blacks have been sucked into this criminal culture, and many can barely read and write. This educational retrogression is attributable to the thug culture. Yet no one speaks out, except to grab for federal grant money to construct Utopian schemes," Martin said.

    Martin said a lot of grant money has come to Durham over the last 30 years. But he said he wonders how much of that money was used for administrative costs as opposed to directly benefiting those the funds were aimed at helping.


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    Gangs are cowards.

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