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Thread: C.P.O - "Ballad Of A Menace" Feat. MC Ren (Promo CD Single) (1990)

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    Default C.P.O - "Ballad Of A Menace" Feat. MC Ren (Promo CD Single) (1990)

    01 Ballad Of A Menace (Radio Edit) (with MC Ren)
    02 Ballad Of A Menace (with MC Ren)
    03 Ballad Of A Menace (Homicidal Theme Remix) (with MC Ren)

    Original stuff recorded, original quality and sound.

    Note: I found this on internet, not my stuff.


    Just supportin' tha good rappers, tha one's who still keepin' it real.
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    Default Re: C.P.O - "Ballad Of A Menace" Feat. MC Ren (Promo CD Single) (1990)

    nice. another remix!

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