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Thread: Real G from Brasil!

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    Default Real G from Brasil!

    Facção Central listen it niggaz!
    This video was banned on MTV!
    Fuck the babylon system!
    [ame=""]Clipe: Facção Central - Isso Aqui é Uma Guerra - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Isso aqui é uma guerra lyrics

    It is a war where only one who survives fires
    Who fits the mansion, who is dealing
    Unfortunately the book does not solve, Brazil only respects me with a gun, there
    Judge knees, crying to the executive does not feel the caliber of the gun
    If I want clothes, food, someone has to bleed, I'll fit a bourgeois and shoot to kill
    I'll smoke your goods and get pretty crazy, kidnap someone at the ATM
    My only point in fifth grade, if I have a hostage with my pipe in the throat
    There has to negotiate skunk (frees the victim let's talk) will get screwed!
    It's time for revenge, hatred and hunger became someone has to cry
    I did not want cell, nor his money, nor boy tortured in captivity
    I did not want a future with comfort, stabbing someone in the neck by the current
    Three 57 But what Brazil is of me, without a job when the nail passes Audi
    Press the Enter asshole and empties the account type does not scream speeds
    God has not forgotten the crucifix or miracle, it's just a crying bitch by her husband
    It is safe versus the school without a teacher
    If it's a beggar, Doctor I prefer a Glock with silencer
    Eating junk is not know me live?
    Go down the car's dead but that is the law here, the law of the devil
    This here is a war


    Do not cry bitch I'm not sorry
    Give the bag, morality can not resist the B.O
    Here is another Brazilian transformed into a monster, semi-literate armed and dangerous
    Wanting his gold chain attacking his wrist attacking your pocket
    Ready to shoot and ready to kill, fuck you download this EN
    Boy kills the son of Brazil wants to see your face rubbed in the empty pan
    Demands his rights with the blood of the bitch, is the law of nature that hunger kills
    In the jungle is the animal on the street is a businessman, reckless, insane, sick
    The Brazil encourages me to shoot the manager, this novel is not no love on the screen
    The scene is sad loneliness in the cell
    Neither police get ox sits clerk, jailer opens the cell releases the thief
    PM for ten to permit freedom, its a joke Oita and cowardly skunk
    Shut up and applauds the rescue, is shut up and applauds
    Boy, who protects you from head oitão?
    His police on the ground in PD without defense, praying pro thief pity, what a pity?
    Your hero asks for help in this scene.
    Whether your child going to school and not coming back dead?
    So the goal in the safe hand and help our people
    Perhaps his dying wife to death because someone needed to eat
    This here is a war

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    Default Re: Real G from Brasil!

    Tight video. Welcome to the forum. Tell all your friends about it.
    I know brasil has a lot of love for Eazy!

    Also visit link below
    A mad man from tha streets / A Ruthless Hustla / Eazy-E, Tha Hip Hop Thugsta - Eazy-E

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    Default Re: Real G from Brasil!

    Welcome aboard, Marco! I hope you'll stay active here as long as you can.
    A real muthaphukkin G that was born in 1989 - what a good year. It was a good year for rap/hip hop and even rock music. 1989 was when N.W.A. became popular and then Ice Cube left, Ronald Reagan left White House and George Bush took his place, Above the Law came to life and The D.O.C. released No One Can Do It Better before a car accident fucked up his voice.

    My top 35 albums of 1989

    Peace to dem niggaz, even you Eazy!

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