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Thread: What happened to Lil Pesci?

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    Default What happened to Lil Pesci?

    Does anybody know what happened to Lil Pesci from Tha Shack? Or the last heard from him? Just curious... cause I lost contact with him seems like almost 10 years ago?

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    Homeboy Lil Pesci was Dope, I used to hit up THA SHACK old school message board / forum back in the dizzay, I Got some Dope Free porno movies from homie and A hella long V.H.S. Tape of N.W.A. efil4zaggin Documentary / Eazy documentary / and with Hella Ruthlless and ruthlless related videos. Rest In Peace to Eazy,.. LIL PESCI where You at Loc??? much props! That website he had was sick as fuck too! he was ruthless!

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    Default Re: What happened to Lil Pesci?

    OG pesci disappeared

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