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Thread: E featured n The Watch

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    Default E featured n The Watch

    Just saw tv commercial for new Ben Stiller Jonah Hill movie the watch. The music to str8 outta cpt plays during commercial and then they actually play Es verse during tv commericial " And make your sister think I love her". Clean version of course. Jus nice they chose Es verse for tv commercial

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    Default Re: E featured n The Watch

    thats cool to hear.

    jonah hill is a eazy-e fan. we have seen pictures of him wearing a eazy t-shirt.

    can someone post a link.
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    Cool Re: E featured n The Watch

    I agree brent5150
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    Default Re: E featured n The Watch

    I noticed this too i was gonna make a post about it you beat me to it. The whole movie commercial is all him.

    Wait i just seen another commercial and its some gay song. It was on the movie commercial when it was first being advertised.

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