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Thread: Ruthless by Jerry Heller

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    Default Ruthless by Jerry Heller

    After a meeting, I was honored to have Mr Heller give me an autographed copy of his book which I finished in Chicago just a bit a go. From what I gathered from the book was that he cusses just like i do, he is a soft hearted man who knew how to make money, and his recollections of Big E is EXACT TO THE TEE of how Lil E is....

    Sorry, had to fly out and didn't finish. So yeah, I had the distinct honor of being a guest at the home of Mr Jerry Heller. I must say, I loved his pets almost as much as the beauty of his home. I couldn't stop thinking how much mommy would love love love his coffee table, which I might add, had books and magazines that are a music memorabilia collectors dream. It was an intimate meeting; therefore, no need to ask me anything outside what I put on here as somehow, a reporter called me today asking me about the meeting and it bothers me that they find it newsworthy. If that is so, then they really gonna love the future.

    Anyone that knows me personally, know that I sorta read people, meaning, I can talk to you and if you ask me what I think about you, I will tell you things about yourself nobody else knows. Anywho, my opinion of Mr Heller. He did not kill E's father.

    And if reporter got the info from my post here last night, great, y'all have outside sources I had always hoped were reading; otherwise, oh wait, I tweeted we had a mtg with a name rhyming with Keller so, yeah, they couldve seen that. It just shows me that the world is still intrigue by the Ruthless Saga. Stay intrigued because what is to come is really Ruthless.

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    Default Re: Ruthless by Jerry Heller

    Good to see another person that doesn't think Jerry Heller is the goddamn devil

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