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Thread: Knifer - 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick

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    Default Knifer - 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick

    Track Listing:

    • 1.We're All In The Same Gang ft. The Underground Rap All-Stars (REMIX) [Prod. by DJ Clueless] Artists in order of appearance: AV LMKR, Warga, Lonna Marie, Steve Lenin, Dizzy Wright, X-Raided's Mr. Lil Man, Rittz, OMG Girlz, Knifer, Grizz Lee, @Eaze & Elan Noelle
    • 2.Ole Skewl Shit 2K14 ft. Dropper, Grizz Lee and Warga
    • 3.Real Maravilla Gs III
    • 4.Mr. Ouija Returns ft. Warga
    • 5.Hundred Percent Legit (Gmix) ft. WC and Jarren Benton
    • 6.Like That ft. OG Chuhks
    • 7.Ilibing Ng Buhay ft. Death Threat
    • 8.Ready 4 Whatever ft. Proficy [Prod. by J Armz]
    • 9.Xtacy ft. @Eaze
    • 10.Got Dis (Chopped and Screwed) [Prod. by B. Rae]
    • 11.Good In The Hood
    • 12.Radio Interlude ft. The F.O.E. & SwizZz
    • 13.Atheist and Anarchist [Written by The Mad Poet]
    • 14.Smacking The Bitches ft. Self Provoked
    • 15.Fake Azz Homies ft. Nicc@Nite
    • 16.The Last Peyote Song ft. The Mad Poet [Prod. by DJ U-Neek]
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