02-17-2006, 04:25 PM

MC Eiht has just signed a distribution deal for his record label, West Music, Inc. in a joint venture with Paid In Full/Koch.

The prominent, longtime rap icon, who played the role of A-Wax in the feature film, Menace II Society, and also performed the soundtrack?s hit single, ?Streiht Up Menace,? will release a new album, Affiliated, this spring.

The album?s first single will be the track ?Say Nothing/Comptons Back.?

In addition to the Compton rap legend, the song also features Comptons Most Wanted?s Chill and Bam, along with King T, who rides shotgun. The Compton-bred banger is already receiving airplay on Los Angeles radio station KDAY.

The Dub-I.N.C.?s upcoming Affiliated title is a natural for Eiht, who explains, ?I named it that because there are a lot of misconceptions in the street as far as West Coast music, namely, what we do as far as West Coast music, how we get down with it, and what we represent. A lot of my fans have been anticipating a new record from a true West Coast artist. I get a lot of emails asking me questions like, ?When are you going to come back and spit the real, because there is all this fake-ism in the game out there right now.? As Eiht points out, ?You?ve got a lot of cats from everywhere out there, trying to do whatever, and a lot of it makes utterly no sense.? Eiht remarks, ?This album title lets people know I?m still affiliated with the streets, with the neighborhoods, and what people are going through out there on the streets; it?s not being about glamour and glitz.? Eiht adds, ?I saw something in the internet, where somebody commented on a quote made by a rapper, who said that he isn?t doing my type of music anymore, and that he was just going to go for the money, and that artist then went on to say, ?So now I?m going to do the club shit, the booty shaking shit,? and right there, he lost a fan, because his fan could no longer respect him because of that.? Eiht contends, ?As everyone has seen, I just have to remain true and humble, and after all that, things will fall into place.?

The upcoming album that has yet to be turned into the distributor, is already receiving a kilo of industry buzz, and is expected to become classic ghetto gold.

One of the most respected hiphop artists on the West Coast, Eiht articulates, ?I am still making my music, just being affiliated with the streets. I?m still in Compton, representing truth.?

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