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  1. Toker from The Brownside Killed in mexico #riptoker #brownsideapp #eazye

    According to some social media Toker from the brownside was murdered in Mexico. RIP To the Originator of Mexican / Chicano Gangsta Rap. R.I.P.
    More info soon.
  2. Thread: Hey

    by hiphopthug95rip

    Re: Hey

    Welcome. Thanks for joining us.
  3. Re: Eazy E ft MC Ren - The Muthaphukkin Real (Filthy Rich blend)

    nice. great job. bumping it now.
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    Re: I haven't been on here Eazy-ECPT

    Hey u. Welcome back! nice to see ya back on. 10 years. wow. time flies. hope to have ya back on for the next 10.
    If u want to get your old account, i can reset your password for u.
    I Still...
  5. Re: Been years since i have logged on here.

    Phuuk haha , yea i remember ya man. Glad to see ya on.
  6. Re: Been years since i have logged on here.

    Hell ya man, gonna do it. All we need is a few real OG fans from tha shack dayz to keep this forum alive.
    How have you been? i rememer you guys. lets stay more active.
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    4,431 forum back up!!!

    Spread the word and come browse one of the largest Eazy/Ruthless forums/databases online.
  8. Been years since i have logged on here.

    Wow. feels good making a post once again. I have neglected the forum for so many years.
    Mostly because of criticism.
    Im back though, maybe for another 13 years : )
    we founded the site and...
  9. NEW*Dresta in the studio #disciplesofe #ruthlessfamily #ruthlesspropaganda
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    Ruthless Propaganda Instagram
  11. Lost*Rare*Radio*Eazy-E tape #1994 #eazye
    Please subscribe to the Official youtube.
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    Re: RIP Eazy-E; 22 years ago today

    RIP. Damn, time has gone fast. Yesterday also marked 12 years of this forum. Thanks to all those who been part of this community through out the years.
    Enjoy this dope mixtape by Yulekz....
  13. Streets of Compton on A&E - Eazy-E #eazye #streetsofcompton #a&e

    [06-09-2016 07:44 AM] Lakena
    : Just wanted to give a shout to A&E Television Network for airing "streets of Compton " documentary in honor of our beloved Eric " Eazy e wright" and will be showing...
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    Re: Coming Soon

    post the pic. I cant see it.
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    Sticky: Re: 1st lil freestlye

    how you been EazyThug95?? still in L.A.? what u been upto?
    Nice freestlye by the way.
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    Re: Dream about Eazy-E (With NWA)

    Nice dream. its crazy how the dreams sometimes feel so real.
  17. Happy Eazy-E DAY 2016 #eazye #EAZYEDAY How will you celebrate?

    Im gonna bump some Eazy-E songs and have me a drink. How will you celebrate?

    Make sure you go to for a couple FREE Dowloads.

  18. 21 years ago today #RIPEAZYE #EAZYE #RUTHLESSMEMORIES

    RIP To the Godfather of Gangsta Rap, gone but never forgotten.
  19. Re: My Eazy-E Dedication Radio Show. Friday March 25th, 2016

    Congratulations on your station homie. ill check it out.
    also ill add this info to the main news site of homie, just make sure u shout us out during show.

    Thanks for posting...
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    Re: Giorgio Armani eazy-e locs 92-95

    what up homie. good to see u post.
    i havent seen ice T wearing these. post screen shot of that when u can.
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    Re: Can Anyone ID This Eazy Jacket?

    Thats a nice jacket. Soon as i find the exact same style ill post on here. Love this pic of Eazy. RIP
  22. Re: What's up fellow Ruthless family members?

    Welcome to the forum. you will find lots of dope information on here. just use the search button and type in what ever u lookin for. this forum been around for many years. lots of threads.
  23. Re: Does Eazy E Go and visit you guys in your dreams? Eazy e visiting me in my dreams

    One time i had a dream with Eazy-E in it. We were just standing around at a party. loud music playing in background and Eazy was standing just a few feet away from me. I did not talk to him or...
  24. Re: Marty Thomas Interview Talking About Eazy E

    Nice! Thanks for posting it. checked it out a few days ago. Keep up the great work.
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    Re: OG Eazy-ECPT member

    lol. how u been guys?
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