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    Re: The 20yrs it's on DVD n ruthless memories DVDs

    What is the 20yrs it's on dvd? I've been away from this site for awhile. I saw the 6 min trailer for ruthless memories tho and it looks tough
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    Re: Happy bday E3 @eazye3

    Happy b-day kid. Mine's on the first
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    Re: Eazy E's favorite color?

    haha some people on this site need to grow up. And the question was "what was eazy-e's favorite color?"
  4. Re: frankie is my name and im comin straight outta OC!

    Welcome 2 the site
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    Re: Eazy E's favorite color?

    That's pretty stupid to talk to the owner of this site like that. U should be banned now
  6. Re: Heres a Link To That BG Knocc Out Song I Tried uploadin Awhile ago

    Idk, but that shit is tough. Wish you had the full version
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    Re: Whats Your Favorite DJ YELLA Production

    tha muthaphukkin real and westside story are my fav's
  8. Re: Homicide "Neva Say/Haters Like You" Promo 12" (320 Rip)(4 Tracks)(1998)(Ruthless

    Good looks Codeine. The production on these tracks are tight
  9. Re: @icecube Confirms Another "Friday" Sequel Is In The Works

    Yea, and also if you search on the net about more info on this, cube said he will only do it if chris tucker agrees to reprise his role of smokey and if he doesn't, cube isn't going to bother. Also...
  10. Re: Eazy E - The unheard collection [A collection of rare mixes]

    Doesn't work at all. Download link is still valid and downloads, but when I typed this password in, it didn't do shit
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    Re: MC Ren dissing Dre?

    Where? I've heard no reference to Dre in this song.

    the first verse all he says is

    "I met a nigga like u every year it seem like/act like u my nigga like u gon be tight/ hittin ya nigga up...
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    Re: What's your fav track off knocc's new album?

    Awww, im glad to see eazy-ecpt is appealing to the kindegartners out there
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    Re: What's your fav track off knocc's new album?

    Yea Monsta's off the chain
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    What's your fav track off knocc's new album?

    Man this shit goes hard. Carried by 6 in my opinion is flawless and that's my fav track on the album. I gotta say im real impressed with knoccies lyrics on this album. Always was a fan of dude and...
  15. Re: Apollo Mafia Ft. Sicaflo, & Baby Eazy-E - After Hours [Remix]

    Damn. This shit's off the chain
  16. Re: Eazy-e3 she aint act'n wright and thats str8 up

    Damn. That shit's fire E. Need 2 drop an album fool lol on some real shit
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    Re: New BG Knocc Out Song Dont Kno The Name

    What's this all about? there's just periods
  18. Re: NEW:Music VIDEO: The Left Blow/Tony MF G, Yung Eazy and Trigga Man

    is this the triggaman from m.c. ren - villian in black? i remember him on the last song "bring it on"
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    Re: e3 - highly medicated freestyle

    U a med junkie now E? lol,
    just playin. shit's tough as usual. I'd like to hear u spit a freestyle to rick ross "im a boss". that beats off the chain
  20. Re: Black Hole Of Watts Bone Thugs N Harmony Unreleased Tape

    Yeaaaaah lol your right man. I just looked closer at it. I stand corrected. This is a tough album though
  21. Re: Lil Eazy-E feat in Organized Cartel's new album!

    no offense, but i don't agree. he sounds just as he did years ago. I see no advancement in his lyrics. But im still a fan
  22. Thread: lol @ The Game

    by Gho$t

    Re: lol @ The Game

    i know. he's so gangsta with that red hair
  23. Re: Black Hole Of Watts Bone Thugs N Harmony Unreleased Tape

    yea, but what i want to know about the starter of this post is, why is he saying that this is an unreleased bone thugs cd? cuz it's not. black hole of watts is an actual group, and bone was just...
  24. Re: Only if you want it video wit my popz.that shit waz live.

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Baby E's the shit, so fuck the haters. They can tell us we dick ryding, but the difference between us is we're fans and they're haters
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    Re: Did Gangsta Rap die in 1995?

    I know. In my opinion, no it has not, and it will be here for a long time
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