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    hiphopthug how do u no lil eazy n all them

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    Default well

    me and my bro got to meet Julio G and Lil Eazy that friday at the radio station. Julio G is the DJ at KDAY and we are big fanz. we call him at times and record the show when he has guests. So one day He had KRSONE and interviewd him. It was a very good interview. Julio G was a bit upset that he didnt get a chance to record the interview.
    luckily my brother recorded the whole thing and hooked him up. Every since then he been pretty cool with us. He let us go to the station to meet lil E. so we aint connected, we just big fanz. i use to listen to julio g back when he was with eazy-e and yella. thats basically it.
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