Whats good yall... I see theres some people who are feelin the new website, and also some haterz which is always expected.

Well here are my awnsers to some of the questions or statements made about the site.

1.) http://princeofcompton.net/ is a FAN SITE, not the official. I am the creator of a few fansites, all of which provide news & info about labels, however not "FOR" the labels themselves.

2.) The forums are the general forums for all sites that i will ever create. Thousands of people visit them everyday. Not all of the members will be fans of Lil Eazy-E, or Shady, Or AFtermath or any of the labels i provide info on. Some will be fans, some haterz, some dickriders, and some peple are only there because you can download all the music you could ever want.

3.) "Stolen Images"... Lol, yes you will find the logos to both record labels that Lil E is on. As the designer, i placed them so people who dont know, will see what label Lil E works for. Am i supposed to make up my own logos, for Shady Records for my other site ShadyBlock too?

4.) "The Bio isnt the real bio" - The site is still under construction.... The bio has been updated now, but there are still a lot of things that will be added to the site.

5.) "Ads on the site" - It costs money to run some of the most popular fansites on the internet. Ads pay the bills, so i can spend less time at work, and more time keeping up the the #1 spot.

Lil E's manager has contacted me, and will be helping me update some things, such as the photo of lil e etc. The design might be get completely re-done depending on the content Bruiser can provide me with.

So now youve heard it from me. Hate it or love it, i never pretended my sites were the official sites.

And http://www.shadyblock.com/forums/ has a lot of members, and a lot of points of view. Dont getr your feelings hurt if someone isnt a fan of and artist or label that you are a fan of.