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    hey was eazy e at the 1994 source awards and if so is there any footage available i know 2pac was there but what about Eazy muthafukken E

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    izn't dat when death row or eayz hadd to be exited frm tha buildin i think it wuz death row cuz E hadd a bunch og homiez readyy to stomp on dre && all of them ;D ;D
    E crackz me up wit sum of tha shitt he did ;D
    R.I.P. E && MLK JR

    [quote author=Mighty D.R. link=topic=19797.msg253356#msg253356 date=1278934811]
    I had a weasel noodles idea one time when I had an Ajaxution and was DOPEMAN'd, in which I'd TrippleOG this chick that was being a real JusBCunt, FROST her up, and then not call the bitch! So I got her alone, took my brick out, was about to EH!!!!!, pulled her panties down and found out that the bitch was a well disguised fruit snack! :-X[/quote]

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    yeah i heard about that but is there any proof or sumkind of footage to confirm that

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    Hmm....who deleted my post? Or did u make a new topic? :-\

    Anyway...*waits for Sha to reply* because she got alotta stuff to say about this. ;D

    Yup, u made a new topic. What's the point of making a new one? I just locked the other one.

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