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    Just made this interview with the homie Bigg Rocc where he talks about his life, Concrete Criminals, MC Ren and he also talks about Ice Cube, The Game and Lil Eazy-E!

    More interviews coming soon...I'm a try to get a interview with MC Ren, DJ Yella, DJ BobCat!

    First of all homie thank you for taking your time for this interview because I know your a very busy-man
    and also thank you for givin' your fans a lil info about yourself and showin' luv to my forum!

    1. How did you start rappin'? Like how old where you and wut inspired you to start rockin' the mic?

    I was 12 or 13. i used to listen to run dmc, ll cool j, toti t and mixmaster spade.

    2. How did you get the name Bigg Rocc?
    i had some homies move from brooklyn and they gave me the name J rocc, but i turned it into big rocc

    3. How was it growin up in the crazy streets of Compton?

    it waz crazy. lost a lot of homies, they either in jail or dead, just like the other hoods. i have no regret though, it was like a growing process that made me the man i am today.

    4. I saw your movie or MC Ren's movie that you where on "Lost In The Game", and so how and where did you start actin?
    What made you guys do this movie?
    Are you workin in any new movie?

    yea it was one of ren's ideas and he had a part for me. im a natural born actor i got the best hood award for that

    5. Are you currently signed to any label? Maybe "MC Ren World"? Sense you have worked alot with MC Ren?

    no not right now but im talkin to a few labels

    6. Can you tell us about the project group you and RBX are makin' called "Concrete Criminals" and clear up all the info about MC Ren not being on the group?
    And who are the guest and when is it droppin'?
    And wut made you and RBX do this thang?

    Concrete criminalz is RBX and Rocc only. Mc ren produced
    5 tracks on the album for us and was featured on one soc. Appearances by Goldie Loc, Mc Eiht, Mc Ren, Chill from comptons most wanted, snoop dogg produced one track, and rocc and rbx sick ass flows and a few upcomin rappers like big to the boi and young droop. I came at X like letz start a group up just me and him and we both came up with concrete criminalz we been talkin about it fo a while anyway.

    7. Are you gonna drop any new solo album soon?

    Yea after concrete criminalz be lookin for it i got a few tracks already from Ren

    8. Are you currently workin' with any rappers for sum collabs?

    no not right now focused on concrete criminalz

    9. Are you gonna be on the new MC Ren album that he is makin'? Cuz I loved ya flow on the "Ruthless For Life"-album, "RenInCarnated"-album and I luved that joint you and MC Ren did called "Gotsta Chill"! Can we expect any more of these kinda tracks?

    yea fo sho imma be ren album with more hot track that u can gangsta boogie to

    10. What inspires you to write your music?

    life itself, good times, bad times, see what the next person goin through, got a good heart and lookin out fo all ma peoples no matter what color cuz we all go through it

    11. And what's your comments about the currently flip flop pop hop bubble gum rap that's out right now?

    BULLSHIT MUSIC BULLSHIT MUSIC BULLSHIT MUSCI they have fucked the game up i mean my kids listen to that shit and got their music spirits twisted

    12. And what kinda rappers to you listen to right now? from the West Coast or the East Coast?

    i listen to snoop, nwa all old school west coast, nas, kanye west, outkast,westside connection, Jay-z, nothin really new

    13. Who is your favorite rapper of all time and why?

    Ice cube; ren mah nigga but he dnt count; ice cube just stay consistent

    14. And what's your favorite rap group of all time and why?

    NWA cuz they changed not just the game but the whole world

    15. And what do you think about Lil Eazy-E rappin' and reppin' his fathers leagacy? He's droppin a album now in September 16th.

    As he should keep his father's legacy goin. i hear he doin big thangs

    16. Who would you like to work with in the future?

    Ice cube, the Game, the lox, and jay-z and of course do more shit with ren

    17. Any producers you would like to work with in the future? Like DJ Yella, DJ Crazy Toones or DJ BobCat?

    all 3 of them, my boy battlecat, dr.dre of course, and timbaland

    18. What do you think about the new West Coast rap? Like what do ya think about Dubb Union, DJ Crazy Toones, Young Maylay, Young Dre & Taje etc.?

    i aint heard all they stuff, but everybody from the west gotta bring it but i support all they shit

    19. What do you think about Ice Cube's new album "Raw Footage" and The Game's new album "L.A.X."?
    Could you see yourself in the future workin with any of them on the future?

    yessir, both of those albums i noe gone be hot. ice cube keep it 100 all timez and u noe game, dr dre protoge. Game gone bring that real

    20. Who are you voting for now in 2008? Obama or McCain?

    obama of course

    21. You wanna say anything that we havn't asked you in this interview? And do you got any last werdz for the fans?

    yea thanx for the support throughout the years imma keep mashin the game till i take over tha game. i out

    And once again homie much propz for takin' your time to do this interview homie!
    I appricate it!
    Keep it real homie like you alwayz do!

    Add the homie Bigg Rocc's MySpace now

    OPAZO - RuthlessVillain. tk

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    cool, nice
    u did a great interview O-man

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