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Thread: Eze-E aka Knifer Mixtape

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    Default Eze-E aka Knifer Mixtape


    This is my tribute mixtape to the late great Eazy-E, hope you all enjoy it..

    Songs that come in this mixtape are:

    1. Evol ft. Dmize & Proficy
    2. Neighborhood King
    3. Oh My (Produced by None Shall Sleep Tonight)
    4. Wut It Do ft. Mr. Lil Man & Eazy-E
    5. Ole Skewl Shit Part 3 ft. The F.O.E. (Madrocks) & Chris Grace
    6. Ima Ryde (Remix) ft. The F.O.E.
    7. Sunday Night ft. Eazy-E
    8. Creepin On Another Come Up ft. The F.O.E.
    9. Heavenly Father (Remix) ft. The F.O.E.
    10. Float On High ft. LAPDP
    11. My Cadillac Story
    12. It's On 2K10
    13. Real Geez ft. Apollo Mafia, Juyray, Redrum781 of Damu Ridas, Mr. Chuko & Eazy-E (Produced by Ghetto187)
    14. 50/50 Love
    15. County Wisdom
    16. Message To My Baby's Mama
    17. Real Muthaphukkin G's In Da Hood
    18. Talkin About Shit ft. Bobby Blaze
    19. Crossroads ft. Locs

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    Default Re: Eze-E aka Knifer Mixtape

    Im about to check this out.

    downloading now.

    ill, leave some feedback after i give it a listen.
    thanks for sharing.
    A mad man from tha streets / A Ruthless Hustla / Eazy-E, Tha Hip Hop Thugsta - Eazy-E

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