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Thread: searchin a dresta song

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    Smile searchin a dresta song

    hi,i am searchin for a dresta song

    i know the chorus and a little bit of the text

    chorus: if you see me walkin down the street and i start to cry... and so on...

    text start with: he's just the germ on the set one of them cowards that never learn that nigga earn that respect.... or something like that^^

    i have a snippet of that song but i cant find,when i find it i will uploaded it

    sorry 4 bad english

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    Default Re: searchin a dresta song

    Whats up cuzz that song is called "bad 4 the hood" by dresta... I found a 1:20 part of it by searching "dresta bad for the hood" on google and it was the first link... You may be able to find a download on a torrent website but alot of dresta's stuff has been dissapearing... smh

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