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Thread: Eazy-E 's Mint Green 63 Impala Lives!

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    Default Eazy-E 's Mint Green 63 Impala Lives!

    Whats up everyone. I cant believe I found this. Has it been posted on here already? I feel this might be appreciated better on this site. The Car seems legit because of the paper work he has from the Department of motor vehicles. At least we know the car is being well taken care of. Enjoy everyone, Peace!

    "OK so im the current owner of the Eazy e 63, heres the current pics of Eazy E's mint green 63 impala he owned and used in alot of videos back then. I had a topic going but for some reason got deleted, so im starting this new one. Gonna keep the car exactly how it is all original the way Eazy e had it, only gonna rechrome the bumpers and thats it, has paperwork with his name on it that will be on dosplay at the supershow, Dmv also sending me extra paperwork saying Eric Wright owned this car from Oct 1993-May 1995. Sorry but CAR IS NOT FOR SALE so please dont try to hit me up asking how much i want for it. Car will be taken to the lowrider Super Show at the LA convention center on Sept 2 with an eazy e theme for everyone to view. No negative comments please"


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    Default Re: Eazy-E 's Mint Green 63 Impala Lives!

    thanks for posting this, im actually the owner and i had it posted on here already.

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