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Thread: Eazy (possibly) talking in "Beautiful But Deadly"

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    Default Eazy (possibly) talking in "Beautiful But Deadly"

    I just watched a video clip where I discovered that there is a hidden message spoken by a guy whose voice is similar to Eazy's in The D.O.C.'s song "Beautiful But Deadly". Does anybody know who's that talking? I thought it was Eazy because of the voice but I could be wrong.

    A real muthaphukkin G that was born in 1989 - what a good year. It was a good year for rap/hip hop and even rock music. 1989 was when N.W.A. became popular and then Ice Cube left, Ronald Reagan left White House and George Bush took his place, Above the Law came to life and The D.O.C. released No One Can Do It Better before a car accident fucked up his voice.

    My top 35 albums of 1989

    Peace to dem niggaz, even you Eazy!

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    Cool Re: Eazy (possibly) talking in "Beautiful But Deadly"

    Lol! Yea right Eazy knew Dre couldn't kick nobody's ass!!! Haha!!!
    " Fuck my Baby's Momma / That Bitch got Drama "

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    Default Re: Eazy (possibly) talking in "Beautiful But Deadly"

    Now that's DOC
    Hoping it was tha E

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