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Thread: Lil Eazy E headlining Thug Passion Tour @ewrightjr @nwaent

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    Default Lil Eazy E headlining Thug Passion Tour @ewrightjr @nwaent

    Lil Eazy E Will be headlining Thug Passion Tour in the Midwest March 5th through 9th. March 5th Chesterfield Michigan The Diesel, March 6th Toledo Ohio, March 7th Battle Creek Michigan WK Auditorium, March 8th Indianapolis Indiana The Alpha Room, March 9th Hamtramck Michigan Carbon Club.
    If you are a member of the Lil Eazy E Facebook page and a member of this forum and want free tickets, send to, a photo of you posting under This topic along with your Facebook link and you plus 1 will get VIP access meaning free admittance and meet Lil Eazy and E3 before/after the show
    I am the one all the regular members hate. New members don't listen to them. They just mad because Eazy E hated male groupies.

    How can you be an assistant to an adjective? The world will never know. As for me, I am Lil Eazy E's Assistant. There is no other.

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    Default Re: Lil Eazy E headlining Thug Passion Tour @ewrightjr @nwaent

    toledo, no cleveland damn

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