Krayzie Bone remembers his days when they went to the Tunnel. How Eazy didn't had a jacket, while he bought them all leather jackets.
Telling how the real meeting between Cube and Eazy went. Of course it wasn't like in the movie. He explained the whole Jerry Heller firing
situation, because they were literary starving and had no money. So they've called E and wanted to go back to Cleveland. But Eric
wanted to talk to them and picked them up. He showed them the file, what business Jerry did and how he fucked him up:

‘Look, these motherfuckers have been robbing me. I should’ve listened to what my niggas were trying to tell me but I trusted this dude.
This nigga fucked me, made me lose my group. All I’m asking y’all niggas to do is stay down and ride with me because I’m changing the face
of Ruthless Records and I want y’all to be a major part of it.’
We was like, ‘That’s all you had to say! You don’t have to say nothing else, we ridin.’’

It's crazy.