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Thread: Streets of Compton on A&E - Eazy-E #eazye #streetsofcompton #a&e

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    Default Streets of Compton on A&E - Eazy-E #eazye #streetsofcompton #a&e

    [06-09-2016 07:44 AM] Lakena
    : Just wanted to give a shout to A&E Television Network for airing "streets of Compton " documentary in honor of our beloved Eric " Eazy e wright" and will be showing this Thursday night!

    Anyone watch this yet? what do you think about it?

    I seen part 1. very cool to see the history of Compton and how they show Eazy-E love. Im looking forward to part 2.
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    Default Re: Streets of Compton on A&E - Eazy-E #eazye #streetsofcompton #a&e

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