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Thread: Info about Unreleased Tracks featuring Eazy-E

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    Default Info about Unreleased Tracks featuring Eazy-E

    I was wondering if any of you guys knew info about songs like Mr. Bill Collector, Sleepwalkers, BNK, Down 4 Compton, DPGK, the AZ1 Remix song that came outta nowhere.
    Whats the stories behind those songs??
    Are there any other songs missing from here? Are there people selling unreleased songs from E? Or collaborations?

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    Default Re: Info about Unreleased Tracks featuring Eazy-E

    some have leaked, some unfinished tracks will never hear, a few complete tracks were stolen from Ruthless..

    DPGKilla no vocals from Eazy.. BG Knoccout told the story
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